Would You Help an Injured Pigeon?

Image - wildbirdseeds.co.uk

Image - wildbirdseeds.co.uk

Today, a large wood pigeon flew into my patio window. I heard the bang from upstairs as I thought it was the postman knocking on the door. I went down to investigate, and found the poor bird sitting in a pile on the patio. My immediate reaction was to allow the bird time to gain its composure, and then it would undoubtably fly off none the wiser, apart from with a very bad headache. However, hours later and it was still sitting there with its features puffed up and its eyes closed. What was I to do?

I text a few of my friends and family for advice and the response was unanimous: "don't worry about it, it's only a pigeon", "just leave it, the fox will have it for dinner later", "you can't take it to the vets, they will laugh at you!".

I decided to give it a bit more time to recover and so went back upstairs to work. But I just couldn't concentrate and the thought of that poor creature sitting outside in pain was bugging me. Seeing as everything I stand for is all about conserving wildlife I couldn't leave it, that would be wrong wouldn't it? Even if it is a common wood pigeon

I walked to a vets nearby and spoke to a really nice sympathetic lady about the pigeon. She certainly did not laugh at me! She advised that I put the pigeon in a box and take it to another nearby vets to be looked at. After all, I was standing in a vets that specialised in cats, and the admission of my feathery friend might have ended in disaster. 

I went home, caught the pigeon in a tea towel and put it in a box. I took it to another vets nearby and they took it in to see what they could do. Once again, they were very sympathetic and kind, and did not for one moment laugh or mock. There are kind human beings out there and my faith in mankind was restored. 

I will never know the fate of that pigeon (and it's probably best that I do not know), however I will sleep well tonight knowing I did my part and took pity on a very common British bird. 

What do you think? Would you have taken a couple of hours out of your day to help a common animal, even if there are thousands of them out there and are seen as a bit of a pest? I'm glad I did, although I'm going to have to work overtime tonight to make up for it!