Creature Candy in The Sunday Times

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be featured in The Sunday Times business section. The article was focused on individuals following their dream of starting their own business, whilst in full time employment. This is the story behind Creature Candy as I also work full-time as an Ecologist for Darwin Ecology

It's a very hard balance to strike but my drive comes from a passion for British wildlife and a admiration for our wildlife charities who devote all their time and funds to conservation projects. Three such charities include; Bat Conservation Trust, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Butterfly Conservation. We donate 10% of our sale prices to these charities and regularly attend their conferences and events. The work these charities undertake is astonishing and you do not get a full flavour of this unless you work as closely with them as I do. It is to be commended and supported at every opportunity!

I do hope the article in The Sunday Times inspired a few individuals to take the plunge and pursue their dream of becoming their own boss, and to perhaps make a small donation to charity at the same time. It's hard work in the beginning and sometimes you question your abilities. However, the final rewards are well worth the initial hardship and there is no better feeling than handing over a cash donation to charity at the end of the month, or reading an email from a customer telling you how much they love their new bat mug! 

We thank everyone for their support and look forward to a very bright future. Do keep in touch, there is lots more to come.

Lizzie x