Why Do Hares Box?

Mountain hare - by Creature Candy

Mountain hare - by Creature Candy

At this time of year, hares are famous for their tendency to ‘box’ frantically with one another. Hares do this because they are now in mating season, with the males (bucks) seeking out any females (does) that have come into season.

The boxing usually occurs when a male is being too persistent with a female, chasing her across fields in an attempt to mate. When she’s had enough, she’ll turn around and try to fend him off in a fierce boxing match!

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Once a common sight, it is thought that brown hares in the UK have decreased by up to 80% in the last century, largely due to loss of habitat, hunting and changes in agricultural practices.

The mountain hare (pictured above) is the UK’s only native hare and was listed as “Near Threatened” in a recent review by the Mammal Society indicating that the species is of conservation concern in the UK. Mountain hare numbers on moorlands in the eastern Highlands have declined to less than one per cent of their initial levels, according to a newly published long-term scientific study.

These numbers are horrifying and it is vital that we do all we can to help protect our hares.

By purchasing any of our products featuring a mountain hare, you will be contributing to the important conservation efforts to help stop the decline of these beautiful mammals. We will donate 10% of every product to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species. Take a look at our Mountain Hare product range below.